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At Cargill, we’re challenging what you think you know about agriculture. Every day, we challenge ourselves to develop innovative ideas that can help nourish the world. To do that, we need the best and brightest new talent to help us. You’re looking for valuable, hands-on, real-world experience to put all those long nights of studying to good use. And we’re always looking for talent that’s excited about what we’re doing and ready to help us transform what’s possible. Our internships, co-ops and graduate programs are a great start.

University Opportunities

Right from the start, you’ll be an important part of the Cargill team. We provide students and recent graduates many amazing opportunities to learn from the best our industry has to offer. From internships to co-ops, you’ll work in a professional setting gaining valuable experience. The skills you learn during your time at Cargill will follow you throughout your career and help you create a name for yourself.

The length of our internships varies by country: In the United States, the average is about 12 weeks. In Brazil, internships can range from six to 12 months. Cargill Internships are typically paid, and in some countries, we offer relocation reimbursement and housing assistance for those who qualify.

Our U.S. co-op programs are eight-month, paid terms running from January to August or May to December. Available roles are based on current and future business needs at Cargill. Our co-ops may require relocation; we provide housing assistance and relocation reimbursement for those who qualify.

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University Application Process

Ready to apply to Cargill and not sure what to expect? Check out everything you need to know about our application process and even a few tips to prepare you for your interview.

Applying to Cargill

How much time does it take?

Five to 15 minutes. You’ll be asked a few questions for us to better get to know you.

What information do you need?

You’ll upload your resume, add contact information, include your college GPA and answer some questions about past employment experiences.

What happens after I apply?

If you meet the minimum requirements for the position, your application is sent to a recruiter.

When will I be contacted?

You’ll immediately receive an email confirming we have your application. If the recruiter decides you’re a strong job candidate, you’ll be contacted for additional information or to schedule an interview.

Preparing to Interview

How should I prepare?

First-round interviews are held virtually and last 30 to 45 minutes. We focus on your previous experience, skills and qualifications and why you think you might be an asset to Cargill.

Who conducts the interview?

You might be interviewed by recruiters, hiring managers or employees who are university alumni or leaders.

What should I be prepared to share?

Have an extra copy of your resume, an unofficial transcript and examples of your college work including projects and presentations ready to share.

What should I wear?

Dressing in business professional attire from head to toe will help you make a great first impression. You may want to test out a few options in front of your background prior to your scheduled interview to make sure your clothing looks good on camera. As a general rule, solid colors work best. If possible, avoid garments with busy patterns.

Will there be a second interview?

Applicants for full-time positions are invited to a second round of interviews during our virtual Talent Days. You’ll meet with various leaders, learn about our facilities and hear what our work environment is like firsthand.

Interviewing Virtually

What virtual meeting platform does Cargill use?

Your virtual interview will take place via Skype or Microsoft Teams. Someone will inform you which platform you will be using when your interview is scheduled. If you’re unfamiliar with these platforms, please take a few moments to learn more about Microsoft Teams or Skype prior to your virtual interview. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to your meeting organizer for support.

Will I be interviewing with someone in real-time?

Our teams conduct two types of virtual interviews, Live Video and Recorded.

Live Video Interview: This is very similar to interviewing in person. You’ll dial into an assigned meeting platform and speak with your interviewers in real time. You can anticipate your Live Video Interview lasting between 30-45 minutes.

Recorded Interview: In a recorded interview, you’ll answer questions on-screen and your interviewers will watch your video at a later time. There are usually four to six questions, each question is displayed for one to two minutes and you’ll have about four minutes to answer each question.

How should I prepare for my virtual interview?

Treat your virtual interview as seriously as you would any other interview. Know the qualifications of the job you’re interviewing for, articulate your skills and prepare questions you may have about the job or Cargill.

Any helpful tips for my virtual interview?

There a few easy things you can do that can make a huge difference in your interview:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Choose a simple background with a little bit of depth, not just a blank wall behind you.
  • Ensure your light source is coming from in front of you; if there is a window behind you letting in a lot of light, it makes you harder to see.
  • Test your connection, camera, microphone and speakers. Closing non-relevant browser tabs and applications will help stabilize your connection.
  • Speak slowly and clearly – there may be a slight delay in audio.
  • Look at the camera, not your notes.
  • Plan your outfit. It may help to test out a few options in front of the background you’ll be using to make sure you look and feel your best.

Anticipating the Offer

When will I find out?

  • For internships and co-ops, we extend offers within one to two weeks after the first interview.
  • For full-time positions, we extend offers within one to two weeks after the second interview.

College transcript:

For full-time employment, we ask you to provide a final college transcript within 60 days of your start date.

UK Engineering Placement Program

The Engineering Placement Program is open to students in the UK. working toward a relevant engineering degree who have opted for a year in the industry. This 12-month paid internship opportunity is a great pathway to the European Graduate Program.

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European Graduate Program

The European Graduate Program helps you develop your career while engaging in meaningful work that connects to something greater and can make a positive impact on the globe. In this two-year development program for the EMEA region, each of our disciplines offers unique job learning experiences plus personal development through professional and business skills training. You’ll grow your career in a value-based organization where you can do the right thing and achieve your higher purpose.

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Cargill Global Scholars

The Cargill Global Scholars Program is a two-year scholarship program that provides financial support to undergraduate students in Brazil, China, India, Russia, Indonesia and the United States.

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We actively recruit at colleges and universities across the United States. We’re looking for exceptional students to participate in our co-op and internship programs and fill entry-level positions. Don’t miss out.

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If we're not going to be visiting your campus this year, you can still apply for both Cargill internships and Cargill full-time positions.

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Our inclusive culture helps us shape the future of the world.

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